The Boomerang Farm

Dr Lorin Hawes, an American aeronautical scientist, settled on the Gold Coast and opened the Boomerang Farm as a tourist attraction in 1965.

Boomerang FarmMudgeeraba 1919 Photographer unknown LS-LSP-CD002-IMG0018

The Boomerang Farm, Mudgeeraba, 1919. Photographer unknown

Johann Rosin settled his family in Mudgeeraba in 1885. On his new property, which he named Boomerang Farm, he planted a vineyard, grew corn and bananas, managed a successful citrus orchard and, in later years, ran a cattle property and dairy. In 1937, after Johann’s death, the property was sold and the family relocated to Brisbane.

In 1960 Dr Lorin Hawes, an American aeronautical scientist who had worked on the atom bomb project in the USA, settled in the Gold Coast Hinterland on the former Rosin property. Guaranteeing that he could teach anyone to throw a boomerang, he opened the Boomerang Farm as a tourist attraction in 1965.

Designing his boomerangs using existing aerodynamic principles he started manufacturing boomerangs in a 70 year old barn on the 200 acre farm. His factory produced 6,000 boomerangs each month.

While the Boomerang Farm was never a major attraction it received considerable publicity and was visited by many people curious to learn about boomerangs and explore the property.

In 1994 Rob and James King built a nine hole, par 35 golf course on 40 acres of the original Boomerang Farm.

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